Pacific Multitech, Inc. has prepared the following documents:

Technical Manuals

ATA Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)
Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs)
ATA Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs)
ATA Fault Isolation Manuals (FIMs)
On-Line Manuals
Technical Orders (TOs)
Technical Manuals (TMs)
Illustrated Parts Breakdowns (IPBs)

Engineering Data

Acceptance Test Plans/Procedures (ATPs)
Design Evaluation Reports
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Test Plans
Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analyses (FMECAs)
Hazard Analyses
Human Engineering Plans
Nonstandard Parts Requests
Reliability Predictions (stress and parts count types)
Safety Analyses
Safety Assessment Reports
Source and Specification Control Drawings (SCDs)
Specifications (hardware and software)
Qualification Test Procedures (QTPs)

Logistics Support Data

Logistics Support Plans
Design-to-Cost/Life Cycle Cost Plans/Analyses
Level of Repair Analyses (LORAs)
Logistic Support Analysis Records (LSAR Data)
Provisioning and Other Screening Data
Provisioning Parts Lists
Training Aids and Training Documents

Maintenance Data

Ground Support Equipment Recommendation
Installation Data
Maintainability Analyses
Maintenance Allocation Charts
Preventative Maintenance Work Cards

Program Data

Management Proposals
Technical Proposals
Configuration Management Plans
Data Management Plans
Logistics Support Plans
Maintainability Program Plans
Milestone Charts and Program Schedules
Quality Assurance Plans
Reliability Program Plans

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